Never Can Tell makes great iOS apps that stand the test of time. Here’s just a few.


myHeart continuously records your heart rate in an elegant interactive graph whilst simultaneously displaying your heart rate zones.


PB Go is the fun way to strive for your personal best. Create a unique set of hero cards for each athlete. Track their results and celebrate PBs with friends & family. Watch the trailer now to see PB Go v2 in action.


Take a moment in your day to read the Serenity Prayer.


Emotionary is an amusing dictionary of feelings for you to share with your social network. Expand your emotional vocab. with hundreds of wry definitions and endearing emoticons.


Transport your friends to the places you’ve been with mapic.


Fiscal puts the finance world and your portfolio, in your pocket. Precise, compact and succinct. Monitor major worldwide Indices such as the S&P500 or FTSE100. Dynamic graphs and constantly refreshing share pricing and news.

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